5 Reasons Why Bodyweight Training Is Better Than Going To The Gym

Most gyms are sweaty, overcrowded and under-equipped. Here are 5 excellent reasons why you should cancel your membership and take up bodyweight training instead.

Bodyweight Training Saves You Time

In the time it would have taken to commute to the gym you could be done with your training and getting on with the rest of your day. Perfect for people with hectic work and family commitments.

Bodyweight Training Bypasses Crowded Equipment

Nothing ruins a workout more than being stalled at every exercise by a queue of gym-goers vying for the same piece of equipment. Bodyweight training frees you from this nonsense! All you need is some floor space and the beneficial pull of gravity.

Bodyweight Training Gets You Outside

Let’s face it. We all spend far too much time indoors. Bodyweight training provides complete freedom to head outside, get some fresh air, soak up some sunlight and enjoy nature whilst still challenging your muscles with a great workout.

Bodyweight Training Travels With You

Has your fitness routine ever stalled because of travel? You are not alone. With bodyweight training your routine travels with you. Hotel rooms, beaches and mountain tops. Unless you holiday in outer-space gravity will always be on-hand to provide the resistance you need.

Bodyweight Training Saves You Money

Most gyms are expensive. Month after month. Year after year. The fees add up. Unless you really enjoy the gym environment there seems little reason to continue this outpouring of cash when you could train anytime, anywhere for free with bodyweight exercises.

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