Welcome to The Gymless Training Website, an online space devoted to proper exercise and healthy recipes for people who don't do gyms



Perform BURSTS OF INTENSE exercise

...briefly and infrequently

By positively stressing our body with short bouts of high intensity exercise we can get stronger, build muscle, speed up our metabolism, enhance our fitness, improve our body shape, reduce our body fat and boost our resilience all accomplished with a minimal investment of time.


EAt Healthy Foods Which You Enjoy

...in quantities which match your goals

Getting in shape begins with the foods we eat and by choosing real food over processed alternatives we can enhance our body from the inside out. Eating real food provides more nutrition for fewer calories and helps restore our bodies natural mechanisms of satiety and fullness.


Walk, Stretch And Relax


The ancient Greek philosopher Plato summed it up best, lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being. Alongside proper measures of sleep, rest and relaxation regular doses of easy movement increases our energy, boosts our health and shrinks our waistline.

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