The Problem With Outdoor Workouts (And What To Do About It)

Trainers on, playlist chosen, ready to go.

Then the rain hits.


Undoubtedly the biggest problem with outdoor workouts is the fickle nature of our weather.

Particularly here in the UK.

Exercising outside in extreme temperatures (hot or cold) presents a serious challenge to our biology and should be avoided where possible. We aren’t training to run across the Sahara or reach the South Pole!

But what about the days which are simply a bit... meh!

Option 1: Battle On

Perhaps I’m in the minority here but there is something satisfying about getting outside, taking on the elements and completing a tough workout despite adverse conditions. A deep primal connection to days gone by perhaps? Some good clothing and footwear can make all the difference.

Option 2: Go Indoors

Most bodyweight exercises can be performed just as easily indoors so if the weather really is against you simply adapt your routine to an indoor setting. The sun will shine another day.

Option 3: Quit

Come on… you didn’t really think this was an option did you? :-)

No denying it. Poor weather can impact the enjoyment, safety and effectiveness of outdoor training. But with a little bit of common-sense there is no reason why the undulating whims of nature should derail your fitness efforts.