What are the benefits of carb cycling?

Some arguments for adopting a carb-cycling strategy include;

1 - By ensuring there are more low calorie/carb days than high calorie/carb days we can keep our body in the calorie deficit required for sustained fat loss.

2 - Intermittent bouts of higher calories and carbs can help offset any slowing down in our metabolic rate which can occur during a consistently low calorie meal plan.

3 - High intensity exercise drains our muscles of glycogen so they will readily soak up the extra carbs consumed on workout days before they can get stored as body fat.

4 - Higher calories and carbs encourages better recovery from our workouts which helps preserve valuable muscle tissue thus prioritising fat loss over weight loss.

5 - Reducing carb intake on non-workout days can help lower the concentrations of insulin in our bloodstream which encourages the mobilisation of stored body fat for energy.

6 - Protein is the most satiating of macronutrients. By dropping carbs and keeping protein and fat stable we can eat fewer calories without suffering the hunger which derails so many a meal plan.

7 - Higher calorie and carb days can provide a satisfying psychological reward following days of restricted low carb eating. Knowing these refeed days are looming can provide the extra bit of encouragement we need to stick with our plan.

So is carb cycling for everyone? Of course not. It’s simply one of many tools we can use to attack our physique and fat loss goals. As with anything it will work more effectively for some than others.