What Are The Benefits Of A Slow Cooker?

A couple of years ago I was given a slow-cooker for my birthday. Not really knowing what to do with the thing it sat idle for a while which is a crying shame because now that I am fully up and running with the thing I find it hard to imagine life without it. Here's why…

Cooking is easy with a slow cooker - I am no master chef but with a slow cooker it genuinely is quite hard to mess up. Even if you forget about your dish it is unlikely to overcook and spoil. It is the closest thing to idiot proof cooking I have experimented with and if I can make food which tastes half-decent.... rest assured you can too. 

Cooking is time-efficient with a slow cooker - Don’t have time to make a decent home cooked meal? Think again. Armed with a slow cooker all you need to do is prepare all the ingredients, bung them into the slow cooker, set the timer and away you go. For most simple meals it is a 10-15 minute operation tops. 99.9% of us have got more than enough time to make this happen. 

You can make BIG helpings with a slow cooker - One of the best things about a slow cooker is being able to make huge servings of a dish which last well beyond a single meal. For example with minimal preparation time you can make lunch for a week. In one swoop this eliminates the need to reach for takeaway food whilst at work and offers you some protection against the office feeders who swarm around with boxes of donuts, chocolates and muffins.

Slow cookers are inexpensive and take up little space - At a mere £30-£50 pound investment for a reasonable model slow cookers are an extremely cost effective addition to any kitchen. Amazon is a good place to browse around and most big supermarkets will also sell a few slow cookers at a decent price.

Dinner is waiting as soon as you get in the door - Nothing beats arriving home after a tough day at work to the delicious aroma of a Kashmiri butter chicken curry, beef hotpot or lamb daube which has been simmering away for 10 hours and is ready to go the moment you walk in the door. Just kick back, enjoy your delicious (and nutritious) meal and unwind from the days stresses…ahh! 

Good body composition and great health begins with eating fresh, minimally processed food from good sources. The addition of a slow cooker makes assembling these real foods into tasty meals a breeze. What are you waiting for?