What Are The Benefits Of A High Protein Breakfast?

One of the eating habits I often encourage with my personal training clients is eating a higher protein breakfast. Why? Well, from a fat loss perspective protein has a number of handy benefits…

Protein increases satiety and reduces hunger cravings when ingested. This has obvious benefits when looking to burn fat and avoid overfeeding.

Protein has the highest metabolic cost of all the macronutrients which means it takes more energy to digest than carbs and fats. The higher thermic effect of protein has obvious benefits from an increased energy expenditure standpoint.

Protein will help preserve your lean muscle and help you recover quickly from your training sessions. Lean muscle is your best friend when fighting fat and we want to preserve/build it at all costs. 

A higher protein breakfast can be a real game changer for some folks and certainly beats the typical western affair of toast, bagels, muffins and cereal washed down with fruit juice. This refined carbohydrate and sugary disaster will set most people up for a day of energy crashes and hungers cravings.

I appreciate the morning meal is typically the most rushed for many but it really is worth making the effort to start your day with some proper food including a good dose of protein – your energy levels and body composition will likely thank you for it.