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Hey, thanks for dropping by. I'm Alistair Ramsay, an online exercise and nutrition coach based in the UK who helps men and women keep fit and stay in shape without the hassle of getting to the gym.

No fad diets or workout gimmicks! After 10+ years working in the personal training industry almost everyone I've seen achieve lasting results has done so by doing a few simple things consistently.

The aim of this website and accompanying programs is to help you put these same routines into practice, cut through all the noise and focus on what really matters when it comes to getting in shape.

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The Gymless Training System is an easy-to-follow fitness program I created to help you get leaner, fitter and stronger without the hassle or expense of getting to the gym.

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  • An easy to follow training program designed to help you burn fat, build muscle and get fit
  • Simple and efficient resistance workouts requiring minimal exercise equipment to perform
  • Customise the exercises, intensity and duration to suit your personal fitness level
  • Bodyweight strength exercises, resistance band exercises, dumbbell exercises and sprints
  • Active rest and recovery tips to keep your body fresh, energised and healthy
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