The more active we can make ourselves (outside of structured workouts) the easier it is to shift unwanted weight. Body aesthetics aside, leading a movement-rich lifestyle is a crucial ingredient to optimal health, energy and longevity. One of the best ways to increase daily activity is by walking.

Walking is simple and gets us outdoors - No special equipment or designated workout areas needed - just ourselves and the ground underneath our feet. The daily dose of fresh air and sunlight provide a valuable added bonus.

Walking helps burn fat - Walking is a great way to increase weekly activity levels, expend more calories and therefore burn more fat. Partner it with regular resistance exercise and you have a potent body-enhancing formula.

Walking helps combat stress - Walking, particularly in nature, is a great way to clear the mind and lower stress levels which will lead to more energy and a healthier body.

Walking provides gentle aerobic conditioning - Walking gently elevates our heart rate, gets our blood flowing and oxygenate our body. Just because we aren’t gasping for breath doesn’t mean it’s not doing us plenty of good.

Walking does not add excessive physical stress to the body - Walking applies minimal physical stress to the body and therefore can be performed regularly with little risk of negative side effects.

Rather than prescribe walking like a typical workout I recommend building the walking habit into a daily or weekly routine. This makes the doing so much easier. Examples include:

> Walking to work
> Parking further away from work
> Getting off the train a station early
> Walking to the local shops
> Walking on a lunch break
> Going for a fasted walk first thing in the morning
> Going on long hikes at the weekend
> Using a treadmill desk for a portion of the day
> Standing up and walking whilst on the phone
> Take movement breaks every thirty minutes
> Using the stairs instead of the escalator

There will be many more...

So how can you build more steps into your day?