Down Dog


Down Dog is a yoga pose which provides a great stretch for the line of muscles that run down the back of your body, including your calves, hamstrings and back muscles.

Performance Tips

  • From the classic push up position, raise your hips high and push them backwards
  • Make sure the fold in your body comes from your hips, not your lower back
  • Your spine should remain in a long, neutral alignment
  • Push down into the floor with your hands to lengthen the sides of your back
  • Aim to work your heels down towards the floor (don’t worry if they don’t actually touch the floor, It is the intention to do so that counts)
  • If you have very tight hamstrings bend your knees a little to help ease the movement
  • Breathe and relax, each time you exhale try and drop a little deeper into the stretch

Easier Variation - Standing Down Dog