Burpees are the classic bodyweight exercise for cardio conditioning. Quickly moving your body from horizontal to vertical recruits muscles from head to toe which your heart and lungs must work hard to support. Over the years I’ve found performing burpees using blocks or books allows for much smoother movement, reduced impact forces and better biomechanics without sacrificing cardio benefits.

Performance Tips

  • Starting in a push up position

  • Raise your hands on blocks if you want to make the exercise easier

  • Jump your feet forwards between your hands

  • Stand up tall then reach back down and jump your feet back to the start position

  • You should aim to move as quickly and quietly as possible

  • To increase the intensity of the exercise add a vertical hop as you stand

  • Be aware this does increase impact forces and is not necessary for cardio benefits

  • You can also increase the intensity by adding a push up at the bottom of the move