Band Resisted Push Ups


Is the classic push up getting too easy? No problem, try this version to add some extra resistance to the move. This is a really great exercise. In the example above I am using a 41 inch band (simple and cost effective) to add resistance but you can also purchase bits of kit designed specifically to resist the push up motion using elastic resistance. The strength curve of the elastic effectively eliminates any rest point in the exercise. Your muscles work hard at the bottom of the move and hard at the top of the move!

Performance Tips

  • Wrap the band under your arm pits
  • Pin the band to the floor using your hands
  • Use your whole palm not just your thumb to pin the band
  • Make sure the band is wrapped around your upper back
  • From this point all the cues of the classic push up apply...
  • Make sure your whole body moves at the same pace