Air Squats


Air Squats simultaneously target and strengthen all the muscles in the lower body and hips. Air Squats are also an excellent ankle, knee, and hip mobility drill. If you struggle with this exercise check out the chair squat variation demonstrated below.

Performance Tips

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart or slightly wider

  • Toes should be pointing straight ahead or slightly out to the side

  • Descend into the squat by sitting back onto your hips

  • Imagine a rope tied around your waist pulling you backwards

  • Keep your heels grounded, shins tall and your knees tracking over your feet

  • Descend as low as your mobility allows then pause for a few seconds

  • Allow your arms to swing forward to act as a counter weight as you descend

  • Visualise pushing the floor away from you as you SLOWLY stand up tall

  • Squeeze your glutes (butt cheeks) as you stand up

  • To make the exercise harder go even slower and avoid fully extending the legs