Lateral Raise (Bands)

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An excellent move to isolate and develop the deltoid muscles around the shoulder. You can also target the same muscles using weights.

Performance Tips

  • Anchor a single band in a low position
  • Adopt a split stance with a slight forward lean
  • Grip onto the band with your arm furthest from the anchor
  • Maintain a slight bend in the elbow
  • Gradually apply force and smoothly lift your arm out to the side
  • Pause briefly at the horizontal
  • Lower the band under control
  • Smoothly turnaround and begin the next rep

Exercise Bike Intervals


This option does require specialist equipment but exercise bikes are a superb tool for safe and effective interval training. Low impact, easily scaled to all fitness levels and perfect for people who are exercising indoors where there is no space to sprint. Start pedaling at an easy resistance to prepare your body for the interval sprints ahead. When you are ready increase speed, resistance (or ideally both) and go flat out for your target period of time. Rest then repeat


Isometric Floor Row


This static strengthener provides a good alternative to the other pulling exercises when no equipment is available. Play around with different arm positions (closer to the body or further from the body) and see where you feel the best stimulus across your back muscles

Performance Tips

  • Lie on the ground with some padding under your elbows
  • Forearms should be held vertical
  • Your hands can be open or closed
  • Gently pull your arms down through the floor
  • Every 10 seconds increase the level of force you apply
  • Continue with this incremental force production for 60-120 seconds
  • By the end you should be pulling your arms as hard as possible
  • Don’t forget to breath and keep your neck relaxed as you do this
  • Really focus on the contraction and mind-muscle connection

Pike Press


This vertical pressing exercise puts a lot more emphasis on your shoulder muscles. It’s like an extreme decline push up!

Performance Tips

  • Place your feet on an elevated surface
  • Bend your knees and angle your body into a heavily declined position
  • Your hands should be approximately shoulder width apart
  • Maintaining this body position slowly lower yourself towards the floor
  • Avoid flaring your elbows out to the side
  • Push through your arms to return to the start position 

Cuban Press


The Cuban press targets the smaller rotator muscles of the shoulder. Less draining than many of the other moves it makes for a good round 2 exercise.

Performance Tips

  • Anchor a band under your feet and stand up tall
  • Create a 90 degree between your upper arm and torso
  • Create another 90 degree angle at your elbow
  • From this position externally rotate your shoulders
  • In doing so lift your lower arms from horizontal to vertical
  • Pause at the top position then slowly lower and repeat
  • The same move can be performed with dumbbells

Calf Raise


The calf raise is a simple strengthening exercise targeting the muscles running down the back of your lower leg. Hold weights to increase the challenge!

Performance Tips

  • From a neutral standing position rise up onto your toes
  • Feel the muscles in your lower leg contract
  • Pause briefly then return to the standing position
  • Avoid pausing in the bottom position
  • This maintains a more constant tension on the working muscles
  • Hold weights to increase the difficulty
  • Or try performing the exercise on a single leg

Alternating Arm Curl


This variation of the bodybuilding classic prevents excessive load being placed on the lower back and effectively targets the bicep muscles.

Performance Tips

  • Adopt a split stance with a weight in each hand
  • Your posture should be tall and upright
  • Smoothly curl one weight up towards your shoulder
  • Try not to let your elbow drift forwards too far as you do this
  • As you start lowering one weight, start lifting the other
  • Make sure you complete an even number of repetitions on each side

Floor Press


The floor press is an effective exercise for strengthening the chest, shoulders and triceps. Bring the weights safely into position and lie down with your back flat on the floor. Gradually applying the necessary force press the weights vertically off your chest. To keep tension on the working muscles don’t pause when you reach the top of the movement, instead smoothly turnaround and begin the descent. Slowly lower the weights back down towards your body. As your elbows gently tap the ground smoothly turnaround and begin the next lift without pausing. If the weights are too heavy to safely bring into position prior to starting the exercise try performing the single arm floor press.

Sliding Lunge


Use a slider to increase the challenge of the regular reverse lunge. This variation creates more constant tension on the working muscles and is great for training indoors on carpet.

Performance Tips

  • Start in the standing position and place one foot on a slider
  • Smoothly slide this foot backwards as you drop youdown into a lunge positon
  • Keep your front heel grounded and shin tall
  • Drive back up to the standing position using your front leg to provide the force
  • Keep your knees tracking in-line with your feet for the duration of the exercise
  • The more vertical your torso, the more quad dominant the movement
  • Leaning forward will emphasise more hip and glute recruitment
  • Hold weights in each hand to increase the challenge

Front Raise


The front raise is a great shoulder developer. Although you can perform this exercise with the bands anchored under your feet its better when you can anchor the bands low down behind your body. Adopt a split stance hold onto the handles with your palms facing backwards and your arms starting slightly behind your torso. Slowly raise your arms up in front of the body. Pause at the horizontal then slowly release back to the start position and repeat.


Nordic Curl (Easier Variation)


This easier variation of the Nordic curl will target your hamstrings, hips and back extensors! You can make the exercise harder by changing the positioning of your arms, wearing a weighted vest or holding a weight plate to your chest. You can check out how to build your own Nordic curl platform here or get a partner to hold your lower legs in position.

Performance Tips

  • Start kneeling upright with your lower legs held firmly down
  • Keeping your thighs vertical, slowly fold at the hips
  • Maintain a neutral spine throughout
  • Go as far as your flexibility allows
  • Pause briefly at the bottom
  • Contract your hamstrings and smoothly return to the upright position
  • Repeat for reps
  • Make the exercise harder by changing your hand position (see below)
  • Or hold a weight plate into your chest