Alternating Arm Curl


This variation of the bodybuilding classic prevents excessive load being placed on the lower back and effectively targets the bicep muscles.

Performance Tips

  • Adopt a split stance with a weight in each hand
  • Your posture should be tall and upright
  • Smoothly curl one weight up towards your shoulder
  • Try not to let your elbow drift forwards too far as you do this
  • As you start lowering one weight, start lifting the other
  • Make sure you complete an even number of repetitions on each side

Floor Press


The floor press is an effective exercise for strengthening the chest, shoulders and triceps. Bring the weights safely into position and lie down with your back flat on the floor. Gradually applying the necessary force press the weights vertically off your chest. To keep tension on the working muscles don’t pause when you reach the top of the movement, instead smoothly turnaround and begin the descent. Slowly lower the weights back down towards your body. As your elbows gently tap the ground smoothly turnaround and begin the next lift without pausing. If the weights are too heavy to safely bring into position prior to starting the exercise try performing the single arm floor press.

Sliding Lunge


Use a slider to increase the challenge of the regular reverse lunge. This variation creates more constant tension on the working muscles and is great for training indoors on carpet.

Performance Tips

  • Start in the standing position and place one foot on a slider
  • Smoothly slide this foot backwards as you drop youdown into a lunge positon
  • Keep your front heel grounded and shin tall
  • Drive back up to the standing position using your front leg to provide the force
  • Keep your knees tracking in-line with your feet for the duration of the exercise
  • The more vertical your torso, the more quad dominant the movement
  • Leaning forward will emphasise more hip and glute recruitment
  • Hold weights in each hand to increase the challenge

Front Raise


The front raise is a great shoulder developer. Although you can perform this exercise with the bands anchored under your feet its better when you can anchor the bands low down behind your body. Adopt a split stance hold onto the handles with your palms facing backwards and your arms starting slightly behind your torso. Slowly raise your arms up in front of the body. Pause at the horizontal then slowly release back to the start position and repeat.


Nordic Curl (Easier Variation)


This easier variation of the Nordic curl will target your hamstrings, hips and back extensors! You can make the exercise harder by changing the positioning of your arms, wearing a weighted vest or holding a weight plate to your chest. You can check out how to build your own Nordic curl platform here or get a partner to hold your lower legs in position.

Performance Tips

  • Start kneeling upright with your lower legs held firmly down
  • Keeping your thighs vertical, slowly fold at the hips
  • Maintain a neutral spine throughout
  • Go as far as your flexibility allows
  • Pause briefly at the bottom
  • Contract your hamstrings and smoothly return to the upright position
  • Repeat for reps
  • Make the exercise harder by changing your hand position (see below)
  • Or hold a weight plate into your chest

Side Warrior


The Side Warrior provides a nice combination of strengthening and stretching to the lower body muscles.

Performance Tips

  • Adopt a wide stance with both feet pointing straight ahead
  • Rotate your lead foot 90 degrees until it is pointing straight ahead
  • Slightly rotate your rear foot inwards
  • Bend your front knee towards 90 degrees
  • Lift your arms and extend them horizontally
  • Turn your head to face forwards out over the top of your leading arm
  • Hold this position for time then repeat on the other side

Squat Stretch


An essential part of human life before the arrival of the chair. Regularly dropping down into the squat position helps keep your lower body supple and mobile. Stand with your feet a comfortable width apart. Toes should be pointing straight ahead or slightly out to the side. Descend into the squat by sitting back. Imagine a rope tied around your waist pulling you backwards. Keep your heels grounded and your knees tracking over your feet. Slowly descend as low as you can go. Gently rest your hands on the floor or between your legs and hold the squat position for time. Visualise pushing the floor away from you as you stand up tall again.


Table Pose


This somewhat trickier stretch counteracts many of the negative impacts of sitting by opening your hips, chest and shoulders. Start sitting down, knees bent, hands and feet resting flat on the floor. Extend your hips up until your body forms a flat table from knee to shoulder. Squeeze your glutes. Allow your head to tilt back. Breathe and hold..


Jumping Jacks


This classic is great for revving up the heart rate and promotes good spring in the lower body. Good for warm ups and interval circuits.

Performance Tips

  • Start in the standing position
  • Jump your feet out to the side
  • Simultaneously raise your arms laterally
  • As soon as you land spring back to the starting position
  • Aim to move quickly and quietly (soft landings)

Pull Down


A seated version of the decline row which allows you to get close to a vertical line of pull. This mimics the classic weight room exercise targeting your arms and lat muscles.

Performance Tips

  • Anchor a band overhead
  • Sit on the floor and grip onto the bands with straight arms
  • Sitting tall pull the bands down towards the side of your chest
  • Pause then slowly release upwards and repeat
  • If you are getting lifted up by the bands try the single arm version