Your Lunch Provides Food For 100 Trillion Microbes (Feed Them Well)

Interesting fact. Within our bodies microbes outnumber our own cells 10 to 1. Most reside in our gut, trillions and trillions of them and every time we eat, we provide their dinner.

It’s a growing area of research but early indicators are the type and variety of little critters dining in our digestive pathway can influence our propensity to gain or lose weight.

Scientists are still trying to untangle the mechanisms but evidence seems to suggest a diet of highly processed foods reduces the variety of microbes in our gut potentially driving long-term weight gain. On the flip side eating a wide variety of fibre-rich veggies, fruits and plants is linked to an increased biodiversity of gut microbes and a trimmer waistline.

Lot’s more research to be done but once again eating foods that nature provides seems like the best way to keep our bodies happy on the inside and out.