Writing Lessons & Movement Targets

The famous author Stephen King has published over 50 novels and written hundreds of short stories with sales exceeding a staggering 350 million copies. His success is testament to both his talent as a writer and the consistency of his work ethic.

Each and every day (including birthdays and holidays) King sets out to write at least 2000 words and won’t stop till his target is met. Sometimes this only takes a few hours, other times it takes much longer. As the days roll by these words multiply into best-selling books.

Imagine this lesson applied to our physical activity levels.

NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is a term used to describe how much energy we spend moving throughout the day and it is plain for all to see this number is being rapidly eroded by the rise of technology and the convenience of modern lifestyles. At home, at work and on the move chairs are already the default setting.

We need to fight back.

By borrowing Stephen King’s strategy for writing success and placing one foot in front of the other until a daily movement target is met we can begin to pave the way for a leaner, fitter body.


  • Daily Rituals by Mason Currey