Workout Tip: Reduce Barriers To Exercise

In the world of economics the term barriers to entry is used to describe the existence of obstacles (such as costs, technology or regulation) which might impede a new business from entering a market. High barriers to entry make it harder, low barriers to entry make it easier.

A similar concept applies to fitness and is commonly known as barriers to exercise.

Since consistency underpins any successful approach to getting in shape reducing barriers to exercise and making your fitness regime as easy as possible to sustain is a long term no-brainer.

Outlined below are five of the most commonly cited barriers to exercise along with some simple solutions to minimise their negative impact.

Cost - The gym is too expensive


Cancel your gym membership… you don’t need it to get fit anyway.

Location - The gym is too far away


Cancel your gym membership… exercise at home, in the garden or in the local park

Time - I don’t have time to exercise


Focus on the minimum effective dose. It’s amazing how little exercise you need when you train at a high intensity of effort and actively pursue progress.

Fatigue - I’m too tired to exercise


One of the best antidotes to brain-fog and fatigue is exercise. Go for a short walk in the fresh air… you won’t regret it. Since low energy is often a result of mental fatigue not physical fatigue a quick dose of movement and fresh air almost always has a positive impact.

Equipment - I don’t have any exercise equipment


Embrace exercise minimalism. You don’t need any equipment to get fit and strong. Using nothing more than your own bodyweight and the beneficial pull of gravity you can get in really good shape.

As you can see almost all barriers to exercise have simple remedies to lessen their impact.

Identify the ones holding you back… then dismantle them piece by piece!