What Is The Best Way To Increase The Difficulty Of Pull Ups?

The pull up is one of my favorite bodyweight exercises. Great for building strength in the arms and back. But what happens when it gets too easy?

Pull Ups.jpg

Several options:

  1. Slow down to remove all momentum (although you are doing this already right?!)

  2. Hold the top position for longer

  3. Don’t pause in the bottom position, just pass straight through

  4. Overload a single arm (e.g. archer pull ups)

  5. Attach extra load to a weights belt

  6. Use an adjustable weighted vest as pictured below


Personally I like the latter combined with 2 and 3. No need to relearn the move or add unnecessary complexity. Simply strap on the vest, perform the pull ups as you always have and over time add more and more weight to the vest. Classic progressive overload.

Try it and see!