What Do You Need For An Effective Bodyweight Workout?

Requirements for an effective bodyweight workout:

Your Body + Earths Gravity

That's it.

Sure you can spice up your workouts with suspension trainers, weighted vests, pull up bars, parallettes, gymnastic rings and other such toys but they are by no means a requirement.

More so than any other method bodyweight training offers you complete fitness freedom.

Workout at home, outside in the fresh air, on the mats in the gym, in your hotel room, down at the beach. Whatever suits you best.

I love this aspect of bodyweight training.


It's not without its drawbacks.

  • Managing progression can be a bit awkward

  • Body proportions (and size) can work against you

  • Without something to hang from its hard to challenge your back muscles

  • Many lower body exercises will soon become too easy

Which is why The Gymless Training System program also contains a collection of my favorite band and dumbbell exercises. Combine them together and you have a lifetime of effective workouts which truly can be done anytime, anywhere!