What Are The Benefits Of Eating Slowly?

In a rushed and distracted society eating slowly is often touted but seldom done. I'm as guilty as anyone. Stupid really. The benefits are impressive and freely available each and everytime we eat.

The Benefits Of Eating Slowly

Consume Less Food

By eating slowly you are more likely to finish eating when you are satisfied not stuffed. The Okinawans refer to this as 80% full. Finishing with room to spare means fewer total calories and strung out over time... a smaller waistline. Rapid chomping simply doesn’t allow time for feelings of satiety to register in your brain. End result, you overeat before you even know it has happened.

Enjoy Better Digestion

By taking the time to properly chew your food (and by eating less total food) you make life considerably easier on your digestive system. This typically results in a lighter, more energised feeling after each and every meal.

Develop A Greater Appreciation For Whole Foods

When you take time to eat slowly and chew your food properly you will soon notice many junk food favorites become tasteless lumps of gunk after just a few seconds. Conversely fresh, whole foods retain their flavor for longer making them significantly more attractive to the slow eater.

Get More Satisfaction From Your Meals

Slowing down increases the likelihood you will actually taste, savor and enjoy your food as opposed to simply funneling calories down your gullet.

Do It Anytime, Anywhere

It doesn’t matter if you are eating spinach or donuts. Eating slowly applies the same beneficial effects. Fewer total calories and improved overall digestion.

Regain Control Over Impulsive Eating

Binge eating and rapid scoffing go hand in hand. By slowing down you will find it easier and easier to regain control over your tub of ice cream, pizza or chocolate bar.

How To Practice Eating Slowly

Eating slowly sounds so simple. In reality it is hard to put into practice because of the funny way modern culture rewires everyday priorities. Nonetheless there are three simple habits which, if practised enough, will sharpen your slow eating prowess.

Chew More

More chewing automatically slows down the time between mouthfuls and stalls mindless eating in its tracks. There is an Indian proverb which sums this up… drink your food and chew your drink.

Cutlery Down

Again, this simple practice automatically slows down the eating process and temporarily turns off the fork to mouth conveyor belt.

Eliminate Distractions

Electronic distractions like televisions, computers and smart phones will do their utmost to sabotage your slow eating rituals. Remove these distractions by sitting at a table and focusing your full-attention on enjoying the meal ahead. Eating with friends and family enhances this experience and the conversation adds another natural set of brakes to the meal.

Commit to practicing these simple steps and slow eating will soon become your default setting.