The Zero-Rep Workout Plan

Do you think this Cheetah cares about sets and reps? Nope, yet he is undeniably in outstanding shape! Structured workout routines have their advantages but tend to lack movement variety and can leave many of us bored, uninspired and demotivated.

The good news is there is more than one way to stay fit, strong and healthy. By simply participating in physical activities we enjoy The Zero-Rep Workout Plan offers an alternative (and likely more engaging) way to stay in tip top condition. The rules are there are no rules. Choose a variety of physical activities and sports which you enjoy and do them!

A Sample Weekly Plan

Upper Body Strength - Climbing

Tired of resistance exercises? Head to a climbing wall and simultaneously build your strength, grip, flexibility and balance with this infinitely varied and challenging pursuit.

Lower Body Strength - Sprinting

You can't beat sprinting for complete body fitness. Add a twist by incorporating sprints into a sporting activity like squash or football. This provides unpredictability and directional changes which will strengthen your legs and hips from all angles. 

Upper Body Endurance - Swimming

Get off the land and into the water. Vary your strokes to challenge different muscles, swim underwater for distance, sprint a few lengths or alternatively try your hand at some water sports.

Lower Body Endurance - Hiking

Escape the noise and head out into nature. Take on the elements, soak up the sun, allow the variable terrain to strengthen your feet, ankles, knees and hips. Attack gradients and bask in the amazing views the world has to offer.

The example above is just to get you thinking. Surfing, kayaking, boxing, grappling, parkour, dancing, yoga the options are huge. At the risk of breaking the no rules rule the one thing I would encourage is variety. Try to mix up activities which require more strength, activities which require more speed, activities which require more endurance and activities which require more flexibility. Don't get tied to just one pursuit. If there is one thing the body seems to dislike its a single movement performed chronically.