The Trail Circuit Workout Plan

The Trail Circuit is an alternative exercise routine which blends long doses of easy walking (to burn calories) with short bouts of max-effort (to build strength and fitness.) Perfect for people who like to spend time outdoors and have little interest in traditional workout plans.

Setup - Head outside for a walk (duration of your choosing) and at random intervals perform single max-effort sets of a pulling exercise, pushing exercise and a lower body exercise.  For example your exercises could include pull ups, push ups and sprints as pictured above.

Sets - In total aim for six sets throughout the walk. 2 max-effort pulling sets, 2 max-effort pushing sets and 2 max-effort lower body sets with plenty of rest between each one.

Duration - The whole routine can be as long or as short as you want. The further you choose to walk... the longer the workout.

Abbreviate - If you are pressed for time then follow the same template but only perform one max effort set of each exercise

Frequency - Rest for a few days before repeating. If your max-effort numbers are dropping from one workout to the next then you are not resting long enough.

Alternative - For an easier alternative perform some stretches instead of the max-effort sets. Good for days when your energy levels are low. This easier schedule can also be used when your muscles are recovering from a previous bout of max-effort sets.