The Quickest Way To Fail At Healthy Eating

The quickest way to get lost is to travel without directions. The same thing happens with healthy eating. No plan, no direction, no results.

The second quickest way to fail is to make a plan which is too complicated, too draconian and ultimately too hard to follow.

The sweet spot lies in the middle.

Clear, simple and sustainable strategies which help guide us through a western food culture actively encouraging the over consumption of empty calories.

  • I will avoid snacking between meals
  • I will cover half my plate with vegetables at each meal
  • I will cook all my meals from scratch using fresh ingredients
  • I will prepare my lunch in advance
  • I will drink water instead of soft drinks
  • I will politely decline (or karate chop) the office feeder
  • I will save my alcohol consumption for social occasions

These are just examples. There is no one set of directions which will work for everyone. It needs to be personal and relevant to you. Take a step back, have an honest look at your current eating habits and decide on some obvious areas of improvement. Once armed with this information you can create your own set of food rules which point you in the direction of healthier eating and keep you on track when temptation comes knocking.

In the end it boils down to the old adage… failing to plan is planning to fail.