The Power Of Less! How To Reduce Exercise And Increase Results

In the field of fitness there are often many paths from A to B. However two things remain constant. We must give our body a reason to change (exercise stimulus) and we must give our body time to change (rest and recovery.)

These constants have given rise to thousands of different training programs which typically fall under two broad categories. We can exercise frequently or we can exercise intensely. Either can be effective but it’s a rare genetic breed who can survive doing both.

A minimalist at heart I like the intense solution. Shorter, harder, less-frequent workouts! Given that most people have other things to do with their time I suspect I’m not alone.

The key to succeeding with less exercise is more effort.

On a micro-level this means putting more effort into fewer sets. On a macro-level this means putting more effort into fewer workouts.

This combination allows us to achieve many of the benefits exercise has to offer such as improved strength, cardio conditioning and body composition whilst freeing up time to get on with the rest of our lives where we can actually use and enjoy our hard-earned fitness.

Of course a third option is to exercise neither frequently or intensely! Needless to say this doesn’t get anyone very far.