The Hidden Costs Of Processed Food

Its no surprise to learn the fossil fuel industry causes a huge amount of damage to the environment. If these external costs were factored into the price of dirty energy it would be more expensive and we would probably use less of it. Furthermore we would likely invest more time and money on cleaner, renewable sources of power.

Win, win!

The comparisons with the processed food industry are striking.

Sweets, crisps, cakes, chocolates and soft drinks are cheap when you checkout at the supermarket but they are expensive over the long-haul when you factor in the health costs of over-consuming nutritionless calories. Here in the UK the rise of diabetes alone is threatening to bankrupt our health service in the coming decades.

If only these costs were represented in the final price of cheap convenience food. We would probably eat a lot less of it and turn our attention to more nutritious alternatives.

Another win, win but sadly one that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Of course by simply reallocating our food budget to quality over quantity we can achieve exactly the same outcomes. Fewer calories, more nutitious calories and a healthier body.