The Best Way To Increase The Difficulty Of Push Ups

The push up is a classic bodyweight exercise. Great for building strength in the arms, chest and shoulders. But what happens when it gets too easy?

Several Options:

  • Change the angle of your body (decline push ups)
  • Reduce the stability (suspension push ups)
  • Overload a single arm (archer push ups)
  • Wear a weighted vest (resisted push up)
  • Use resistance bands (band resisted push up)

In my opinion the best form of progression is elastic resistance. No need to relearn the move or add unnecessary complexity. The stretching elastic adds extra resistance (obviously) but it also eliminates any rest points in the move forcing your muscles to work hard throughout the entire range of motion. Thoroughly unpleasant but really quite effective.

41 inch looped bands work well or you can buy specialist items like the Power Pushup by LifelineUSA (pictured below) which offers scalable resistance from easy to ridiculous!

Give them a try and see.