The 3 Best Ways To Get Fit Without A Gym

Can you get fit without going to the gym?

Absolutely. That is what this website is all about. Staying fit, strong and healthy does not need to be complicated and it certainly doesn’t require a gym membership.

Outlined below are three of the best activities you can do to boost your fitness, increase your strength and control your weight anytime, anywhere. No tiresome commutes, no overcrowded gym floors, no monthly drain on your bank account.


One of the best (and simplest) ways to boost your health and energy is by walking more on a daily basis. No special equipment or designated workout areas needed. Just you and the ground underneath your feet. The daily dose of fresh air and sunlight provide a valuable added bonus! Introduce some hills, slopes and gradients for extra cardiovascular conditioning.


Sprinting synergistically strengthens and conditions the muscles in the foot, lower leg, upper leg and hips whilst also providing a great cardiovascular workout. As a bang-for-your-buck workout few things can compete. Select a distance, sprint from start to finish, walk back and repeat for the desired number of rounds. Accomplished with minimal investment of time this type of high intensity interval training will turbo-charge your fitness like nothing else.

Warning - If it has been a long time since you last sprinted you need to ease your way back into this type of activity carefully. Start with short, 75% effort sprints and slowly build up from there.


Effective resistance exercise isn’t reserved for expensively equipped weight rooms. Using your own bodyweight and the beneficial pull of gravity you can safely and effectively strengthen your entire body, build muscle, burn fat and get fit. A simple diet of squats, push ups and pull ups will take you a long way and put you far ahead of the general population. Download the The Gymless Training System eBook to see how you can put these exercises (and a ton of others) into action.

Walking, sprinting and calisthenics…. it’s all you ever need.