How To Stay Injury-Free With Bodyweight Training

Injuries are the enemy of fitness progress. They derail your training, stall your gains and erode your superpowers. If left untreated they can even spiral into debilitating long-term problems.

Poor exercise choices, excessive volumes, dangerous rep speeds and insufficient recovery can all spiral into aches, pains and injuries and bodyweight strength training is no different.

While no form of strenuous exercise is ever going to be risk-free there are simple steps you can take which will give you the best chance of enjoying all the benefits without the negatives.

Safer Bodyweight Training.jpg

Choose joint-friendly exercises and slow down!

This simple mantra instantly disqualifies 90% of the silly exercises you see scattered around the internet and lets you focus on building strength and fitness in a healthy and sustainable manner!

I wish Iā€™d realised this 15 years ago.