How To Make Better Food Choices Using 3 Simple Questions

Should I eat this? Should I eat that? I get asked these questions a lot.

The answer is nearly always… it depends.

Here are the three questions I use to drill down a bit deeper.

  1. Do you like eating XYZ?
  2. Do you feel good when you eat XYZ?
  3. Does eating XYZ support your body / health / fitness goals?

If you answer Yes, yes and yes then of course… go ahead and eat XYZ.

Life is too short to be eating food and meals which you either don’t like or don’t make you feel good so if you answer No to the first two questions... don’t bother.

The final question is more of a shady area.

Sometimes the answer might be No but the context or occasion overrules.

Personally I’m very happy to enjoy the occasional junk splurge with friends in a social setting. It does nothing for my health and fitness goals but benefits my life in all sorts of other ways.

You make the call.

Just be wary of snowballing. No single meal will ruin your fitness efforts. It’s too much, too often which does the damage!