How Many Times Per Week Should You Workout To See Results?

If something is good more must be better right?

Hmm, maybe sometimes. But definitely not when it comes to working out.

A proper workout is a significant stress on your biology. At the conclusion you will be tired, your muscles will be damaged you will be considerably weaker than when you started.

Good job! You have successfully applied the STIMULUS.

Now the second part of the workout begins... RECOVERY.

This is when your muscles grow. This is when your strength increases. This is when you turn into a bad-ass! Not during… after.

Forfeit the recovery and you undo everything else you are trying to achieve.

That is why my default recommendation is two high intensity workouts per week exercising all the major muscle groups.

This allows for ample recovery, minimises wear and tear and leaves plenty of time to enjoy your hard-earned superpowers (after all this is the whole point right?!)

Beware the pervasive trap of thinking you need to workout more and more to see better and better results.


You need to work hard. You need to rest. You need to progress.

This is the path to long-term results.