Getting Comfortable Feeling Uncomfortable

Have you ever been sledging? Each exhilarating charge down the hill is preceded by a tough slog up the hill. You can’t enjoy the exciting bit without enduring the tiring bit.

The same concept applies to fitness. It’s no use looking at weights and it’s no use thinking about running. We have to endure the discomfort of these activities before we can enjoy the physical prowess they provide.

What about if we want to lose weight? While this can be mitigated to an extent through better food choices we probably need to get comfortable feeling a little bit hungry.

What about if we want to feel more energised? We need to get comfortable leaving our chairs and moving more frequently.

What about if we want to enjoy more flexibility? We need to get comfortable nudging our bodies into ranges of motion they have forgotten how to use.

In fact if you take a step back and look at the broader picture almost anything worth doing in life involves an element of discomfort along the way. Building a business, asking someone out, making a sales pitch, interviewing for the perfect job, saving for a holiday. The list could go on and on.

Spending our whole day feeling comfortable seems to be a sure-fire way to end up feeling uncomfortable.