Fitness Feedback Loops (Good And Bad)

Place a microphone too close to a speaker and an escalating feedback loop of sound quickly becomes unbearable as the latter amplifies any sound picked up by the former.

Problems compound problems!

So too with health and fitness.

For example, poor sleep can crumble our resistance to convenience food and crush our willpower to exercise which compounds an already dwindling energy supply.

But feedback loops can also be a force for good.

Small positive changes can lead to more positive changes. Kickstarting the day with a 15 minute walk around the block might prompt a more nutritious breakfast. Over time this might lead to a shrinking waistline which doubles down resolve to eat healthy and exercise effectively.

Other examples could include going to bed thirty minutes earlier, preparing your lunch food in advance, packing your workout gear the night before, setting a new training goal, signing up to a new fitness class, taking up a new sport, learning how to cook, the list could go on and on.

What small changes can you make to ignite a positive fitness feedback loop?