Eat From Plates And Bowls Which Match Your Goals

“Six ounces of goulash on an 8 inch plate is a nice serving. Six ounces on a 12 inch plate looks like a tiny appetizer. Make visual illusions work for you.” - Brian Wansink

A couple of years ago I did a weight gain experiment where I ate the majority of my meals from a large serving bowl.

Needless to say I got bigger (and mostly fatter!)

Larger plate, larger portions, larger body.

The problem is most of the time this happens unconsciously. We automatically serve portion sizes in proportion to the plate, bowl or glass we are using.

In one such experiment guests were randomly given medium sized 17-ounce bowls or large 34-ounce bowls and set free on an ice cream buffet.

Those with the larger bowls ended up eating 31% more ice cream.

Without even realising.

Simple lesson then. Use plates and bowls which match your goals!