Don't Lose The Forest For The Trees

In an age of excessive information it is very easy to get distracted from the basic fundamentals of good health and become bogged down in a swamp of little details.

  • How many grams of protein should I eat?
  • What is the best post-workout supplement to take?
  • Exactly how many sets should I perform?
  • What is the perfect macronutrient ratio?
  • Are 400m intervals better than 200m intervals?
  • What heart rate should I exercise at for optimum results?
  • Do I need to foam roll before, during or after my workout?
  • What is the perfect combination of exercises for fat loss?

Its amazing how redundant many of these questions become when you stick to a basic prescription of intermittent bouts of intense exercise, daily doses of easy movement, nutritious foods and proper measures of rest, sleep and relaxation. In my experience the more you sweat the minutiae the less you enjoy the process and paradoxically the worse the overall outcome. Don't lose the forest for the trees!