Death By A Thousand Treats

Lingchi was the name given to a cruel and torturous form of execution used in medieval China right up until 1905 where a prisoner convicted of serious crimes would be slowly cut and mutilated to an agonising end. Loosely translated this horrific punishment gives rise to the popular saying death by a thousand cuts.

Whilst the origins of this idiom are highly unpleasant it’s an apt way to describe how we end up overweight and unfit. We don’t get out of shape by eating one takeaway meal, drinking one bottle of wine or spending one day on the sofa. We get out of shape when these seemingly inconsequential behaviours accumulate together and snowball over time.

Suddenly a year passes by and a thousand different treats have taken our physique and fitness levels a long way from where we want them to be.

Treats are defined as an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.

It’s hardly rocket science but reestablishing treats as out of the ordinary is a fundamental starting block for reversing this process and rebuilding a lean, fit and strong body.

Life is short and we should certainly enjoy the occasional indulgence along the way. Just be sure to let the cuts heal with healthy foods and exercise before repeating.