Are Your Drink Choices Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Drinking lots of sugary and alcoholic beverages is by far the easiest way to over-consume calories and can quickly undo any attempt to reduce energy-intake through healthier food choices and smaller portion sizes.

Here are some examples of the calories found in popular drinks…

  • A pint of 5% beer = 215 calories

  • A pint of 4.5% cider = 240 calories

  • A 330ml bottle of alcopop = 235 calories

  • A 175ml glass of wine = 150 calories

  • A 50ml glass of cream liqueur = 130 calories

  • A 227ml glass of orange juice = 112 calories

  • A 330ml can of coca cola = 139 calories

  • A caramel frappuccino = I don’t even want to know!!

Over the course of a week (and let’s face it, sometimes even an evening) it’s really easy to rack up an extra days worth of calories through drinking alone.

A simple win for losing unwanted pounds then…

Swap as many of calorific drinks as you can for water.