A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

The old adage a rising tide lifts all boats is commonly used by politicians to describe how a well performing economy will benefit all its participants be they big or small.

Of course the reality of this notion is coming under increasing scrutiny as the inequality gap between the rich and poor continues to soar. Forgetting the realm of economics there are other fields where the saying perhaps holds greater merit in our own lives.

In the world of personal fitness for example.

Here a single habit change can act like the rising tide and positively lift and improve a series of other related behaviours. The net-result is a stronger and healthier body!

For example getting to bed earlier might lead to fewer sugar cravings, greater productivity at work and more time to exercise.

Or regular exercise might increase our motivation to make better food choices and improve the quality of our sleep which positively reinforces the loop.

The problem is these rising tides can be highly individual as we all have our own motivational cues, embedded routines and idiosyncrasies. What triggers a positive chain-reaction in one person will not necessarily trigger a positive chain-reaction in everyone.

The question becomes then… what is your rising tide?