Hey, thanks for dropping by. I'm Alistair Ramsay, founder, writer and resident fitness nerd around these parts. Rewind 12 years and I was busy completing my degree in Applied Sports Science at Edinburgh University and moving into the world of personal training.


Thousands of sessions and hundreds of clients later one thing has become increasingly obvious. Getting in shape does not need to be complicated, time-consuming or extreme. The fitness industry generates a lot of noise and confusion which is a shame because almost everyone I've seen achieve lasting results has done so by doing a few simple things... consistently.

  • Short bursts of intense (and progressive) exercise

  • Lots of easy and energising movement

  • Real foods and sensible portions

  • Healthy doses of sleep, rest and relaxation

The aim around here is to help you put these same routines into practice, cut through all the noise and focus on what really matters when it comes to getting in shape! Click below to get started…